Selected Families and Individuals

Lewis M. CARR 1. Lewis married Angela BABCOCK.

Angela BABCOCK [Parents] 1. Angela married Lewis M. CARR.

James H. COLCORD 1. James married Sarah GREENIZEN.

Sarah GREENIZEN [Parents] 1 died 2, 3 in Jun 1961 in FL. Sarah married James H. COLCORD.

Richard T. COTY 1. Richard married Janet GREENIZEN.

Janet GREENIZEN [Parents] 1. Janet married Richard T. COTY.

Richard NATALI 1. Richard married Wilna GREENIZEN.

Wilna GREENIZEN [Parents] 1. Wilna married Richard NATALI.

Richard J. GREENIZEN [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 28 Nov 1917 in Kingston Mills, Ontario, Canada. He died 5, 6 on 23 Jul 1989 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., NY. He was buried 7 in Clayton Cemetery, Jefferson Co., NY. Richard married 8 Margaret COCHRANE on 8 Aug 1952.


Margaret COCHRANE 1 died 2 on 23 Jun 1978. Margaret married 3 Richard J. GREENIZEN on 8 Aug 1952.

They had the following children.

  M i
  M ii
  F iii Janice GREENIZEN.
  F iv Kathryn GREENIZEN.
  F v
Kristine GREENIZEN 1.

Michael ZEMANY 1. Michael married Janice GREENIZEN.

Janice GREENIZEN [Parents] 1. Janice married Michael ZEMANY.

Bruce COUNCILMAN 1. Bruce married Kathryn GREENIZEN.

Kathryn GREENIZEN [Parents] 1. Kathryn married Bruce COUNCILMAN.

Bernard W. GARDNER 1. Bernard married Josephine HASKINS.

Josephine HASKINS [Parents] 1. Josephine married Bernard W. GARDNER.


Jessie HASKINS [Parents] 1. Jessie married WIEDEMAN.

Percy E. TIMERMAN 1. Percy married Louise HARTMAN.

Louise HARTMAN [Parents] 1. Louise married Percy E. TIMERMAN.

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