Selected Families and Individuals

Lonnie DAROU 1. Lonnie married Gail RUSSELL.

Gail RUSSELL [Parents] 1. Gail married Lonnie DAROU.

Carl CUMBER 1. Carl married Murelyn RUSSELL.

Murelyn RUSSELL [Parents] 1 died 2 in Dec 1989. Murelyn married Carl CUMBER.

Alphus RUSSELL 1. Alphus married Sarah HOUGHTON.

Sarah HOUGHTON 1. Sarah married Alphus RUSSELL.

They had the following children.

  M i Roswell RUSSELL.
  M ii Hiram A. RUSSELL was born on 9 Sep 1870.
  F iii Lynn RUSSELL.
  F iv Laura RUSSELL.

Hiram A. RUSSELL [Parents] 1, 2 was born 3, 4 on 9 Sep 1870 in Point Vivian, Jefferson Co., NY. He died 5 in Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., NY. He was buried 6 in Point Vivian Cemetery, Jefferson Co, NY. Hiram married 7, 8 Mary LEVERY on 12 Sep 1892 in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY.


Mary LEVERY 1 died 2 in Jan 1937. Mary married 3, 4 Hiram A. RUSSELL on 12 Sep 1892 in Clayton, Jefferson Co., NY.

They had the following children.

  F i Elida RUSSELL.
  F ii Nina RUSSELL.
  M iii
Joseph RUSSELL 1.

Edward GEURNAN 1. Edward married Elida RUSSELL.

Elida RUSSELL [Parents] 1. Elida married Edward GEURNAN.

Earl PATTERSON 1. Earl married Nina RUSSELL.

Nina RUSSELL [Parents] 1. Nina married Earl PATTERSON.

COLON 1. COLON married Lynn RUSSELL.

Lynn RUSSELL [Parents] 1. Lynn married COLON.

NIER 1. NIER married Laura RUSSELL.

Laura RUSSELL [Parents] 1. Laura married NIER.

MARTIN 1. MARTIN married Bertha DELANEY.

Bertha DELANEY [Parents] 1. Bertha married MARTIN.


Elizabeth DELANEY [Parents] 1. Elizabeth married MARSHALL.

They had the following children.

  F i
  M ii
Joseph MARSHALL 1.
  F iii Isabelle MARSHALL.

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