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Cornelius FELLOWS Jr.

Cornelius Jr. "when he was not yet 21 years old, married Natalie Rogers, daughter of Charles F. Rogers of Philadelphia, without his father's knowledge. Some family dissension arose over this which received public notice, but later the breach was healed." New York Sun, 1 May 1909

"Cornelius Fellows, Jr., Son of a New York millionaire, made his vaudeville debut last week at the Park Theater, Worcester, Massachusetts. Fred Urban appeared in conjunction with Mr. Fellows, and Mrs. Fellows also was in the cast." The New York Dramatic Mirror, 5 January 1901

"New York, June 9 – Because he married for love, Cornelius Fellows, president of the horse show, and Secretary of the Coney Island Jockey Club, disavowed his son, Cornelius, Jr., Yesterday.

Cornelius, Jr., married Miss Natalie Rogers of Philadelphia a year ago in opposition to the older fellows wishes. Yesterday Fellows, Senior, refused to pay a millinery bill for his daughter-in-law, and in a quarrel that ensued cut the young couple off without a second, leaving them as he supposed, practically penniless. All this was brought out because of the complaint in court by the milliner, who stated that the bill had not yet been paid.

The wheel of fortune swung around again today for the young couple, and the announcement comes that Mrs. Cornelius Fellows, Jr., has inherited $250,000 from an uncle in Paris." Elmira Gazette, 9 June 1900


Died while on his wedding trip.