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Josiah dwelt in Connecticut, and removed to the lumber region of New York, in Deleware County.  He lived on the Oblong--now Amenia, Dutchess Co., NY--a long strip of land between Connecticut and the Hudson River.  He was all through the
Revolution, fought under Washington.


1  CMNT Thought To Be A Son Of Josiah

Harry was taken by a press gang to Gibralter, and for attempts to escape was condemned to the galleys.

Aaron Porter CLEVELAND

Aaron was reared on the Oblong, now Amenia, NY.  His descendants state that he was a colonel or lt.-col. in the American Army in the Revolution and was wounded but never pensioned.  He left NY state quite young and settled first at Sharon
Meeting House, now Delaware City, New Castle Co., DE., and that his son, Horation J., was born near Harper's Ferry while he was moving to what is now Deposit, Delaware or Broome Co., NY.  Either in March, 1791, or March, 1792, he mysteriously
disappeared.  According to varying traditions, he "went to Deposit Village to get a wheel" or "had finished a large building, was paid in Continental money and went to the bank to get it cashed, and that was the last ever heard of him.  It is
supposed that he was murdered for his money."  A later tradition states that he "enlisted and went to Gibralter."  Another that "he was a soldier, taken prisoner, and killed," or "went to sea."

Permelia WARREN

1  CMNT Or Died Racine, Racine Co., WI

Permelia WARREN

1  CMNT Or Died Racine, Racine Co., WI


1  CMNT This May Not Be True

Horation Johnson CLEVELAND

Horatio lived at Hounsfield, was reared by his grandfather, Josiah, until aged 15, then served 7 years learning the tanner's trade.  He lumbered and ran the river until the War of 1812, when he enlisted.  He was in Sackett's Harbor Battle, and
discharged at Sackett's Harbor at the close of the war.  He went to Chicago in 1833, stopping in Cleveland.  He removed to Pike Grove, Racine Co., WI.  He dwelt once at Sharon Meeting House or Delaware City, Del.  Removed to LaGrange, TX.  He
is buried in the Mulberry churchyard, Fayette Co.  His wife is buried at the Methodist church in Clolorado Co., TX, 6 miles E. of Prairie Point, Anderson Co., TX.

Cynthia CARLEY

1  CMNT Or Born In MA

Eugene Francis CLEVELAND

1  CMNT Died Unmarried

Henry Porter CLEVELAND

1  CMNT Twin Daughters Died At Birth