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1  CMNT Came To Clayton In 1866

John served in the Civil War in Co. K, 10th NY H.A., three years, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.

John served as a Corporal in Co. F of the 6th NY Artillery; he enlisted 23 Dec. 1863 and was discharged 24 Aug. 1865, serving 1 year, 8 months.  His disability is stated as malaria.


1  CMNT Of Alexandria, NY


Obituary from newspaper of 7 July 1966:  Mrs. Frances C. Morrison Atwood Moran, 86, wife of William D. Moran, 130 Thompson boulevard, and a resident of Watertown nearly all of her life, died at 2:25 this morning in the House of the Good
Samaritan after a long illness.

    The funeral will be Saturday afternoon at 2 at the Cleveland funeral home.  Rev. Blaine F. Hartford, pastor of the All Souls Universalist church, will officiate.  Burial will be in North Watertown cemetery.

    She had been a patient in the hospital since May 25 when she fell in the kitchen of her home and fractured her right hip and right arm.  Afflicted with arthritis for years, she had left the hospital only eight days before, after having
been a patient there since Sept. 25.

    Her 83-year-old husband, who was prominent in the banking and investment business for years until his retirement, is the only survivor.  He was co-manager of the Watertown branch office of Carl M. Loeb, Rhoades & company, New York
investment firm, until the office was discontinued in the fall of 1964.  Mrs. Moran was the last survivor of her family.

    Mrs. Moran was born at Great Bend Feb. 26, 1880, one of seven children of Charles M. and Jennie Spence Morrison, and was a niece of the late Fred Morrison, the first chief of the paid Watertown fire department.

    One of Mrs. Moran's sisters was the late Mrs. Harriet M. Moran, who was her husband's first wife.  The first Mrs. Moran died at the age of 60 on June 17, 1943 at the family home, then 1709 State street.

    She was a sister also of Mrs. Frank B. (Minnie) Seaver, who died here at the age of 66 on May 22, 1934; Miss Kate Morrison, who died here at the age of 64 on April 10, 1935; Mrs. Fred A. (Isabelle) Draper, who died here at the age of 75 on
June 12, 1950; Fred Morrison, who died many years ago at an early age, and Chester R. Morrison, who died here June 15, 1951, at the age of 65.

    Her father, who was a Civil War veteran and long prominent in the Grand Army of the Republic, was a clerk in the state legislature at Albany at one time.  He was for years an employee of the Remington paper company.  He died in 1913, three
years after his wife died.

    Mrs. Moran moved to this city with her parents from Great Bend, where her father had been employed in a paper mill, when she was a small child.  The Morrison family lived on Bronson street here.  She had since lived in this city.

    After attending the local public schools, she was employed as an operator in the offices of the old Citizen's Telephone company and as a copier in the offices of the Jefferson county clerk.

    Later, she was a sales clerk in the store of Roth & Santee and its successor, the Frank A. Empsall company.  For years afterward she was a clerk in the Silas L. George jewelry store.  Later, she studied hairdressing and for a number of
years was a beauty operator associated with the operation of the M. & M. beauty shop in the Trust company building.  She retired about 1947.

    She was married, first, to I. Frank Atwood of this city.  The ceremony was performed Nov. 10, 1902, in this city.  Mr. Atwood, a one-time local mail carrier, died here Jan. 21, 1938 at the age of 57.  On Jan. 23, 1947 she was married to
William D. Moran of this city--her brother-in-law--in a ceremony performed by Rev. Dr. James H. Larson, one-time pastor of the Emmanuel Congregational church here, at the Larson home in New York.

    Mrs. Moran was a charter member of the Benevolent club, a member of the All Souls Universalist church and, for more than 30 years, a member of the auxiliary of the House of the Good Samaritan.

    She was actively identified with the Community chest from its early days.  She was a member also of the Children's Home of Jefferson county of whose board of trustees her husband has been president since 1941.


1  CMNT Civil War veteran


1  CMNT died at an early age

Gilbert NIMS

1  CMNT died at age 5 years

Livingston H. NIMS

1  CMNT Res. Hemlock Island