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1  CMNT A Revolutionary War Soldier

Asa was of Montague, Ms. from where he enlisted "during the war"; was on Continental Army pay accounts for service Mar. 5, 1778 to Dec. 31, 1799; also Jan. 1, to Apr. 1, 1780; reported deserted Apr. 1 and still absent June 1780; described as
24, 5' 10", res. Montague; reported to service and as having been discharged by Gen. Washington June 13, 1783; total service 5 yrs., 4 mos.

Hemenway's article of Goshen, written by Capen, says, "This town could not be properly accused of the want of patriotism in the War of 1812, for Asa Grandey, Jr. and ...[others] were killed in the battle of French Mills.  Sanford Grandey was
also in the service and in the battle of Plattsburg.  Such was the noise of that battle that the guns were heard here.  Asa Grandey and his wife walked the road before their house in an agony of grief, expecting to hear that Sanford was killed,
as Asa had been before."

In a manuscript written by Capen in 1887 and not published until 1931, he wrote (V.2, p.94) that Asa of Goshen had a son Asa who was killed; and that the senior Asa's family consisted of his wife, "Jehiel Cisco and wife, their son Jared F. then
a minor boy, brother to Grandey's wife."  He added that Asa Sr. never owned land in Goshen, and in 1814 left there with the Ciscos "for some destination over the lake," i.e. Lake Champlain.  He evidently returned, as an Asa was in the 1820
census, Addison Vt, with a man 45 or over (b. 1775 or before), two females under 10, 1  26-44, and 1  45 or over.  The younger women could bave been Demis, the widow of Asa Jr., and the two little girls her daughters. I


John served in Co. G, 10th N.Y. Heavy Art. in the Civil War, was a sailor by trade and a member of the the Baptist church.  An entry in a local directory, undated, lists him as a laborer living in Thurso off "r 4", town of Clayton.  His pension
file is the authority for the names of his parents, brothers, and sister as of 1860.


1  CMNT Died At Birth

Sanford G. GRANDEE

1  CMNT Died At Birth


1  CMNT Could Be Same As In Christ Episcopal Records Of 13 Nov. 1871