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Margaret L. DUNNING [Parents] 1. Margaret married TRAVETTE.

Nicholas SHIRGHIO 1. Nicholas married Merline DUNNING.

Merline DUNNING [Parents] 1. Merline married Nicholas SHIRGHIO.

Francis VAN COURE 1. Francis married Hazel DUNNING.

Hazel DUNNING [Parents] 1. Hazel married Francis VAN COURE.

Palmer CLARK 1. Palmer married Evagene DUNNING.

Evagene DUNNING [Parents] 1. Evagene married Palmer CLARK.

Emmett SCHELL 1, 2 died 3 on 21 Dec 1968. Emmett married 4, 5 Margaret DORR on 2 Apr 1925 in Redwood, Jefferson Co., NY.

Margaret DORR [Parents] 1 was born 2, 3 on 9 Oct 1904 in Town Of Orleans, Jefferson Co., NY. She died 4, 5 on 15 Dec 1973 in Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., NY. She was buried 6 in Grove Cemetery, LaFargeville, Jefferson Co., NY. Margaret married 7, 8 Emmett SCHELL on 2 Apr 1925 in Redwood, Jefferson Co., NY.


They had the following children.

  M i
Douglas SCHELL 1.


Bernetta DORR [Parents] 1. Bernetta married TIMMERMAN.

Xavier PILON 1. Xavier married Amelia SOUVA.

Amelia SOUVA 1. Amelia married Xavier PILON.

They had the following children.

  M i Onesiam PILON was born on 22 May 1847. He died in Feb 1936.
  F ii Lanah PILON.
  F iii Delphine PILON.
  M iv
Arsen PILON 1, 2.[Notes]

George BRIGHAM 1 was born 2 about 1874. He died 3, 4 on 7 Nov 1958 in Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. George married Mae Mary PILON.

Mae Mary PILON [Parents]. Mae married George BRIGHAM.

Joseph COLE 1. Joseph married Delphine PILON.

Delphine PILON [Parents] 1. Delphine married Joseph COLE.

Fred PERCY 1. Fred married Gertrude PILON.

Gertrude PILON [Parents] 1. Gertrude married Fred PERCY.

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