Selected Families and Individuals

Robert GENTER 1. Robert married Beverley BALCOM.

Beverley BALCOM [Parents] 1. Beverley married Robert GENTER.

John PARKINSON 1. John married Katherine BALCOM.

Katherine BALCOM [Parents] 1. Katherine married John PARKINSON.

David WARD 1. David married Alice BALCOM.

Alice BALCOM [Parents] 1. Alice married David WARD.

Ernest CLEMONS 1.

He had the following children.

  F i Donna CLEMONS.

Cecil LOOMIS 1. Cecil married Marie BALCOM.

Marie BALCOM [Parents] 1. Marie married Cecil LOOMIS.

Wallace M. PAPPA 1. Wallace married BALCOM.

BALCOM [Parents]. BALCOM married Wallace M. PAPPA.

James GILLESPIE 1. James married Myrtle BALCOM.

Myrtle BALCOM [Parents] 1. Myrtle married James GILLESPIE.

John HOUCK 1. John married Millicent BALCOM.

Millicent BALCOM [Parents] 1. Millicent married John HOUCK.

Peter HARVEY 1.

He had the following children.

  F i Penny Lou HARVEY.
  M ii
Philip HARVEY 1.

PAPPA 1. PAPPA married Evelyn BALCOM.

Evelyn BALCOM [Parents] 1. Evelyn married PAPPA.

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