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Grindstone Island News - August 10, 1997


(Mary Beers wrote the news this week, when Aminta needed help. Since Mary’s family is leaving for their new Manitoba home after the service next Sunday, she welcomed the chance to send a message from them to the whole community. Her telephone number is 686-3113, in case anyone wants to say God speed to Sarah, Jesse, and Phil. Mary will fly out after the last church service when Sara and Jesse will already be in school and life for them will be well under way in Manitoba.)



On Saturday, August 9th, l997, the annual Harold Herrick, Jr. Memorial Skiff Race was held off Midriver Farm’s shore. The sun shone, the winds were favorable, the boats were in good shape, and the small crafts went fluttering around the course.  Skippers this year were: Quentin Rueckert with Ashley Rueckert crewing, Morgan Rueckert with Abby Rueckert as crew, Clee Dodge with his daughter Alice Berkley, Harold Herrick III and Rebecca Coughlin, and Cleveland Rueckert with his father Bill.  The younger generation is beginning to take the helm. The five boats were all eighteen footers; so all five ran all three races. At the party afterward held over on Wild Goose Island, Teddy Overton, the master of ceremonies and overseer of the races, presented the trophy, this year, to Morgan Rueckert, who won two of the races and came in second in another!


There was another annual event held sometime between the Barnyard Olympics and the dance at the hall.  George Matthews invited the younger island crew to gorge themselves on clams, burgers, corn and salad at Clara’s house on the south side of the island right near his mother’s house.  Sis, who loves a party any time, any place, enjoyed the whole celebration wholeheartedly, savoring those clams one more time!


The dance was a quiet one, and George won the fifty-fifty!  By the time everyone had gathered after all the games in the churchyard and all the eating at the party, people were pretty tired.  They spent a lot of time just listening to the Kopy Kats’ music, but they were not too worn out to dance two squares when Bubby called them.  Then, early for a Saturday night, everyone went home to bed.


John and I, were in Plattsburg over the weekend celebrating the 95th birthday of “Missy”, our daughter-in-law’s much loved grandmother. We had a lovely time, swimming in Lake Champlain, eating lots of wonderful food, and visiting with the great cloud of relatives who had gathered to enjoy Missy’s company. However, I missed everything that went on on Grindstone, and I can’t find out which band will be playing next week at the hall.  But there will be a dance for sure!


So it is.