Grindstone Island News -August 10, 1994


From the moment the first bird chirped on Aug. 6, the clear, alive blue that a northeast wind often brings promised to brighten the whole day. Then it hung around through Sunday. After all of the humid heat, the rain, the thunder, the lovely weather seemed to bring with it a weekend of consummations, fulfillments, completions.


Marjorie Rusho, home again, is navigating, independently, thank you, and even got to the Aunt Jane's Bay service.


Anne Binhammer got there, too, with Bob, for the first time in years in her new golf cart!


And Caroline Bazinet brought Mary Margaret home to the island where all of her kith and kin can hold her and wonder at her and love her. Bobbie, her 2 1/2-year-old brother, can also nestle up to his mother's side once more and touch his baby sister's soft skin. All of Hooterville and the Four Comers of Thurso gathered for a cook-out to celebrate Bubby's blessings.


People somehow found time to visit this weekend. Chris and Dick Matthews stopped by to drink some coffee with Yuvonne and Phil Marra. Aleatha and Chris Williams did, too. And Buck had a great time giving Jeff Marras' twins a ride on the tractor. Even Ken Deedy stopped to say "Hello" to the Marras. And found out they are Slates' Then it got really friendly.


Bible school is over. Not many children were on the island this week to participate, but that meant that the Donaldson girls had the time to get to know the Beers girls. The Barnyard Olympics were great fun with games and prizes and pizza. It was, in fact, just plain money-raising, no recitals, no pretensions.


And The Shadows made the Saturday night dance an old-fashioned Grindstone party. Everyone danced. There were as many as four sets for every square. Everyone reached deep into his or her pockets when Bubby passed his can for additional contributions to pay the band, and Greg Ware, Frank Slate, and Bubby Bazinet split the 50-50.


Karen Lashomb "got Sunday off" and came to the Aunt Jane's Bay service, and Phil Marra announced that Jeff and his wife are expecting again. Consummation after consummation!

And after the Aunt Jane's Bay service (after Stephanie Donaldson and Sara Beers had read that God said over and over as He created His new world, "That's good! "...after Jane Harper bad sung "Gloria" and "Bread Has Been Broken!"...after the matter:


"The board of the Dodge Memorial Hall acts as a self-perpetuating committee of the church board of trustees and will report at the annual conference of the Grindstone Island Methodist Church on their activities, program, and finances." This means, a group of representatives from the church board told a general meeting of "young and younger" people who gathered at Dodge Memorial Hall to receive the report at 1 p.m. on Sunday, that expenses like maintenance and insurance of the hall can be shared by the church. How many city churches wish for a program and a hall which its young people have developed over many years, which its modem young people still enjoy—with gusto! A good many of the old-timers, Manley Rusho, Erma Slate,. Ken Larson, John Marks, Sis Matthews...and on and on reminisced about the good times they have had in that hall. Marjorie Rusho thanked the people of the Dodge Hall for the lovely flowers they sent her.


And the bat problem of the church is even going to be worked on, and the bathroom and septic system at the parsonage will be worked on, and the parsonage will be resided in.


Oh! The sky was blue and the water was clear!




Mrs. Shirley called to say that on July 31, Mrs. Shepard Holt, daughter Caroline and granddaughter Anna gave a lovely luncheon at Long Point for the women of Aunt Jane's Bay. And "a good time was

had by all."


Barbara Kuempel and Michael sent a note this week saying, "I have reminisced each Sunday about what all was celebrated or addressed last year on Grindstone Island." So it happens over and over and over.

Wednesday evening there will be a second Bible study on a wandering topic centered around what the songs of Miriam, Deborah, and Mary tell us about God: 7: 30 at the parsonage.


Yuvonne Marra will teach Sunday school on Aug. 14. John Morrow, disc jockey, will provide music for the dance on Saturday night. '

So it is.