Grindstone News August 18, 1993


Guest written by: Carolyn Bazinet, MaryLou Rusho, and Barb Kuempel


Dodge Hall slowly filled with dancers Saturday night. A few members of the Clayton Volunteer Fire Department stopped in after extinguishing the tree fire from the thunder and lightning storm for a fresh-cooked hot dog and cold soda. The Marshall Street band played on with some assistance from Tom Marshall and his guitar. Bubby Bazinet also called a square dance that really got the girls dizzy. The 50/50 of $90 was won by Mark Boss's Mary.


Aminta and John Marks' house is very empty without Pom, Belle and their three wonderful daughters. Hopefully, next summer our Robert will get to take Phoebe to Erma's to see the famous black cow.

Pine Rock Lodge has been full of visitors this summer. Amie and Craig have been fine hosts to friends, family and even curious sailboaters who have read Stanley Norcom's recent book. As Amie says "It can't get any better than this."


The employees of Phinney's Chevrolet enjoyed their annual picnic Saturday with many

raindrops at my parents' camp in Rusho Bay.


News from Mary Lou Rusho:

Bob and Doris Bertrand were dinner guests at Leon and Marjorie Rusho's Aug. 12. The Bertrands and the Rushos enjoyed discussing old times. Milton and Polly Rusho's daughters Sally and Beth are spending a week on Grindstone with their parents.


Doc and Phyllis Schwartz have a full house for the next three weeks: their daughter Donni Roth along with her husband and four sons, ages 14, 11, 5, and 1 year; also their daughter Jodi of San Francisco and their son Mark and his wife Dreamer of Redwood. The family is all together for a family reunion.

Eating, swimming and sailing are the Schwartzes' main activities with the good weather. Also an overnight outing is planned for Uncle Mark and his two older nephews on the sailboat


Church News by: Barb Kuempel


"0 Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, thy power throughout the universe displayed..." Which one of us was not remembering the events of Saturday night as we sang those words declaring the power and wonder of the God we gathered to worship on Sunday morning.


The thunderstorm and the lightning that hit the old oak tree across from Peter Strong's house caused yet another event for islanders to gather and problem-solve. The Clayton volunteer firemen were called in, the fire truck on the island called into duty, and with the help of willing climbers and rope setters, and Buck Slate on the tractor, the tree was toppled and the fire doused.


Our congregation gathered with the help of the new church van and Fred Jackson, Chester Taylor and Peter Strong who checked out the public docks for visitors. Folks from Alfred, Watertown and Clayton added voice to the enthusiastic singing.


We remembered the Marks', away in Plattsburgh for the baptism of twin granddaughters by Grandfather John, and were grateful for the willingness of Mary Lou Rusho to substitute at the organ. Peter Strong and Libby Gilbert taught the Sunday school class about growing things - even planted their own pole beans! And the Rev. Barbara Kuempel spoke about the need for the church community to be a welcoming, accepting place that resists judging and finger-pointing. The enthusiastic, eager greetings and warm smiles between us are indications of God's presence among us and of our potential for becoming the People of God.


Next week we will welcome The Rev. David Geer, St. Lawrence District superintendent to our worship service. Rev. Geer will lead the official charge conference, which will be held immediately following the service in the sanctuary. The community will gather for a potluck luncheon following the meeting. The meeting and the luncheon are open to all who wish to participate.

Caroline Larsen will lead Sunday school.