Grindstone News June 1993


by Bubby Bazinet


Five Grindstone Island boys were graduated from Thousand Islands High School on Sunday. One of them was a grandson and two were great grandsons of "Sis" Matthews: Eric Lashomb, son of Robbie Lashomb, grandson of Bob Lashomb and Audrey, Sis's great grandson; Michael Matthews, son of Skip and Nancy Matthews, and Sis's grandson; Jamie Downey, Billy Ann's and Ralph's son, Wava and Bill Holloway's grandson, and Sis's great grandson. The other two Grindstone sons were: Jeremy Slate, son of Buck and Brenda Slate, and Buddy Patch, son of Brenda and Pat Patch.


Celebration of the occasion began on Saturday evening with a wonderful party at the Dodge Memorial Hall. The Highriders provided music, and many, many people contributed to a feast of potato salad, macaroni salad, pickles galore, baked beans, bow-tie salad with red beans, chips, cold cuts, fruit, cheese, and shrimp curled in ice with lots of good sauce to dip them into, and chocolate-chip cookies baked by Peter Strong. At least one person guessed that 200 people gathered for the fun. Many of the parents, and grandparents, and, of course, one great grandparent joined the sisters, brothers and cousins.

Eric Lashomb led Sis's group, inviting her to dance with him. And then the others followed, leading her onto the dance floor, one after another.


The party began with John Marks introducing the new minister, the Rev. Barbara J. Kuempel, dean of the chapel at Nazareth College in Rochester, who bade the good times to roll. And roll they did in the warm, friendly, rollicking style of Grindstone Island. Amie Cerio who brought the shrimp, which seemed gift enough, finished washing forks in the church carriage house at 3 a.m.


On Sunday morning, the celebration continued at the first church service of the year in the Methodist Church across the road from the hall. Rev. Barbara read a poem to the graduates, and then preached a sermon about Jacob, the twin who, even in the womb gave his mother trouble, and continued with his pushy ways until he wrestled with himself (or an angel) by the side of the river, and woke knowing God had blessed him.


Such knowledge, the minister said, comes always with a cost.


Jeremy Slate and Buddy Patch were in church on Sunday morning, and Ms. Kuempel had a poem also for Eric, Michael, and Jamie.


As special music, John Marks played an arrangement of St. Anne's, the tune to Our God, Our Help in Ages Past, the first hymn of the service.


After the service, the church board met to approve the calendar for the summer, and plan the summer's work, while the rest of the congregation talked together over coffee in the carriage house, prepared by Aleatha Williams. Aleatha and Chris are now custodians of the church, the carriage house, and the parsonage, and all three buildings showed their attentive care. The granite blocks around the plantings at the front of the church were one sign of the polish inside.


Personal notes


Kitty Paxton's father died quietly in his sleep June 24. We all sent Kitty our condolences as we know she will miss his presence. The fire boat, once more, was wonderfully welcome in bearing the body to the mainland, and Kitty expressed her gratitude to its crew.


John Kellogg is recovering from a serious heart attack. He was first in E.J. Noble Hospital, then was moved to Watertown, and will later go on for further therapy to Syracuse. Everyone joins in wishing him a speedy and complete recovery.


Mary Lou Rusho's mother died in Florida early this week, and, again, everyone joins, this time, sympathy.


Marjorie Rusho is home from hospital, but still in pain. Her elbow seems to be better, but her hip is causing her trouble now. We'll be glad to see her out, and hope that the summer sun will help her.


Polly Rusho is here, feeling better, and we all pray Grindstone's magic will bring her health this summer.

Debbie Donaldson will direct the children's musical "Clowns" for the Young People's Theater of Clayton at the Clayton Opera House July 30 and 31 at 7 p.m. We Grindstone Islanders know that this will be an evening of fine entertainment. We hope many island children will try out on Tuesday evening and will be on stage for the performances.


So summer begins.


Here is the remainder of the church program:

Every Sunday -- worship is at 10: 30 a.m.: July 4, welcome back service and pot luck; July 11, communion service; July 17 (Saturday), church supper and auction; July 18, memorial service for all islanders deceased during 1992-1993; July 25, Old Home Day after service; Aug. 7, (Saturday), annual church carnival;

Aug. 8, outdoor service and communion at Aunt Jane's Bay (south shore) with a rain date of Aug. 15;

Aug. 22 church service, charge conference and pot luck with bake sale to benefit the Dodge Memorial Hall; Sept. 5, last summer church service.

So it is.